Simon Christidis – Cinematographer

Simon Christidis ACS

With over 30 years experience in the film industry, becoming a leading water cinematography  expert, Simon Christidis ACS is highly regarded as one of the top three water cinematographers in the world. 

Specialising in all water cinematography and submerged environments, Simon has vast experience in: 

  • Shoot Directing
  • Ocean Filming
  • Tank Filming
  • Surface/Sub-Surface Filming
  • Cave Diving
  • Underwater Photography

Simon has always loved the ocean and being around water. He grew up surfing in Freemantle, Western Australia and first learned then, how to customize his camera to endure all water conditions. He has this unique way of operating and balancing his body underwater so that the camera and he are balanced at all times for hours on end, so that he can give the director the finest moves and camera shots. He has literally spent tens of thousands of hours filming underwater. Being underwater with a camera and housing in hand, day after day, hour after hour, is a natural thing for Simon that he is very comfortable with. This is extremely difficult for other cameraman to work all day, every day, underwater for the duration of the shoot, without compromising the quality of the film.


Throughout Simon’s extensive cinematography career, he has earnt a series of award-winning mentions and accreditations:

  • Australian Cinematography Society (ACS Accreditation)
  • Oceans, GOLD in Wildlife / Nature Category
  • Australian Open Swimming Championships
  • Underwater Housings, Innovative Equipment Awards

As well as extensive accreditations, Simon is also well known for custom building his own specialist underwater and surf housings which are ‘one-offs’ and highly sought after on feature films around the world involving water cinematography. Simon’s wet port system allows him to shoot on the water surface without visible run off or drop offs of water, which is extremely difficult to achieve.  He has this unique talent of being able to seamlessly transition from underwater to above water while having the lens splashed, yet not impact the quality of the shot. His specialist water cinematography technique has been used in many feature films, televisions shows, commercials and documentaries, with very impressive results. He is well known for filming some of the hardest underwater sequences, while making his underwater camera ability appear very simple.

Simon has a very strong sense of composition and as actors move through the water, he tells that story with the camera which allows him to give directors the best possible camera operating in all water conditions. The depth of his experience and expertise in the film industry and as a leading water cinematographer, enables Simon to read movement of actors and actresses underwater and to completely tell the story that directors require to capture their vision for the story.

What sets Simon Christidis ACS apart from his peers, is his ability to: customize his own underwater housings, operate in all water conditions, frame at the highest standard in all water conditions, and light and consult on many underwater scenes.

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