Simon Christidis – Cinematographer

Simon Christidis ACS

  • Australian Cinematography Society (ACS) Accreditation, 2007
  • GOLD in Wildlife / Nature, Ocean Awards 2011
  • GOLD in Wildlife / Nature, Ocean Award 2010
  • GOLD for Promotion "Australian Open Swimming Championships" 1994
  • SILVER for Corporate Production "Cult Industries" 2006
  • SILVER for Innovative Equipment, Underwater Housing 1993
  • SILVER for Retail Commercial "Royal Pines Residential" 2006
  • Bronze for Retail Commercial "Crestor" 2008
  • BRONZE for Experimental & Specialised in "Taia Shoes" 2008
  • BRONZE for Retail Commercial "Mark McHugh Bodywords" 2007
  • BRONZE for Experimental & Specialised in Tourism QLD's "Where Have They Gone" 2007

The Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) is a not-for-profit company that was formed in 1958, for the purpose of providing a forum for cinematographers to further develop their skills through mutual co-operation. Now as one of the most reputed and long-standing cinematography societies in Australia, the ACS is now involved with hosting member events, distributing industry news and issuing top tier awards and accreditations to some of Australia’s most skilled cinematographers. Find some of Simon’s awards below.

César Awards

  • Best Documentary Film

The César Award is the national film award of France. Nominations are selected by members of twelve categories of filmmaking professionals and supported by the French Ministry of Culture. First televised in 1975, The César Award is considered the highest film honour in France, and is often regarded as the French equivalent to the Academy Award. February 2011 marked the 36th César Awards in Paris, when Simon Christidis was awarded Best Documentary Film in the documentary category. 

Also known as “Filmhuset”, The Danish Film Institute is the national Danish agency responsive for supporting and encouraging film and cinema culture. The institution is engaged in actively producing all types of films, communicating film and culture, archiving cultural Danish activities and awarding some of the best Danish film and television productions, including the professionals that brought them to life. 2009 saw the recognition of Simon Christidis in the documentary category, for his Oceans documentary.

Danish Film Academy Awards

  • Best Documentary Film
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