Underwater Cinematography

Being a natural waterman Simon is able to adapt to all sorts of conditions and spend long hours under water. Simons experience enables him to consult in all aspects of underwater filming like pool conditions, set construction and materials, actors wardrobe, custom outfits VFX bubbles green screens, current effects etc.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge and knows how to work safely to get the tricky shots whilst telling the story. This sees him highly sought after by many producers as the ultimate expert on all things to do with wet filming.

Surf Cinematography

Raised in Freemantle Perth, Simon has always been a keen surfer and is most comfortable in surf. Filming handheld or tracking in Jet skis, Thunder cats and steering or operating the camera in a housing is second nature to Simon.

Simon takes his above water drama DP operating skills into the surf to tell a story whether its dialogue between actors or a montage of beautiful waves put together. He knows how to shoot from an editing perspective knowing how things need to be cut together, which is invaluable in making the vision tell the intended story and maximising production values.


3D Cinematography

Working for James Cameron on numerous occasions, Simon has unparalleled experience in 3D camera equipment and operating stereo on his own underwater. He was the first to use the latest PACE 3D RED epic Prism Water Rig. He has also designed and built custom 3D underwater rigs for feature films.


Underwater Director / DP