This housing accepts the Alexa M camera with the Preston and MDR2 focus and iris motors. Most prime lenses will fit. It uses a flat port only with the Wetport system and has an adjustable sunshade. All cables are run down a snorkel which is 26m long and is limited in length by the power cable. It has an aluminium base plate for rigging. It has an internal air cooling system run off scuba tanks keeping the camera cool and clearing the humid air out preventing fogging. It currently has a max depth of 4meters. There is a 12 volt leak sensor fitted inside. The housing comes with an external monitor and hand grips. Great for shallow work and rig shots where there is a lot of water and camera protection is needed. It also has a Wetport so you can pre-wet it for rig shots where water may be blasting in.


Max Depth 4M
Focus Preston and MDR2 focus and iris motors
Cable 26m umbilical
Monitor External monitor and hand grips
Lenses Most prime lenses will fit
Ports Flat ports and spares and Wetport system
Plates Rigging plates  aluminium base plate
Cooling Internal Air cooled and Sun shades